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Operational Submarines

Cliff Redus and his underwater Spitfire!


Boat Information

Owner: Cliff Redus

Name: R-300  Year of Mfg: 2000

Type: Presure Hull (1ATM) Model: Custom

Propulsion System/Type: Battery, DC motor, Jetpump
Current Status: Operational

Current Use: Recreational  Other Uses: Underwater Surveys, Oil Rig inspection

Operating Depth: 300 Feet

Seating Capacity: 1 Person  

Vessel Location: Devine

State/Province: Texas

Country: USA




Karl Stanley and Idabel!


Boat Information
Owner: Karl Stanley
Name: Idabel  Year of Mfg: 2003
Type: Presure Hull (1ATM) Model: Custom
Propulsion System/Type: Battery, DC Thrusters
Current Status: Operational
Current Use: Recreational  Other Uses: Underwater Tours

Operating Depth: 2000+ Feet

Seating Capacity: 3 Person  

Vessel Location: Half Moon Bay, West End
Country:  Honduras



Idabel will take you deeper into the unexplored Cayman Trench than most people have ever
ventured— illuminating depths down to 2,000 feet (610 meters) below the surface. Through
the submarine's large plexiglass viewing bubble you will see a wide variety of deep sea animal
life rarely encountered by humans.

Idabel docks at Half Moon Bay in West End, Roatan, in the Bay Islands of Honduras.

On this website you will find detailed information about Idabel's safety and comfort features
Karls background and experience, the location and terrain we explore, and the deep sea animal
lifethat populates the depths




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